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Ant theft: for 12 years he took toners from his work and became a millionaire

A report from the City of Austin audit, in the state of Texas, revealed a robbery ant valued at US $ 1.3 million. For 12 years, a former employee of the public library in that American town bought, stole and resold printer toners.

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Around the world, one of the most expensive supplies in offices is laser printer toners. Millions of dollars are invested to put texts, graphics and documents in general on paper. As the Accountant and Purchaser for the Austin Public Library, Randall Whited saw a juicy opportunity to make money illegally.

According to an Austin fraud and embezzlement investigation, Whited developed over 12 years a system to steal money with institutional materials and resources. Resources that come from the taxes of the taxpayers of said American city.

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According to Austin’s audit report, Whited carried out a fraudulent maneuver between October 2007 and July 2019. While that city’s library conglomerate needed toners totaling $ 150,000, the unfair employee bought supplies for a total of $ 150,000. value 10 times higher, that is, US $ 1.5 million.

What was his modus operandi? With corporate credit cards, Whited bought printer toners supposedly for the public library. On some occasions, he would take them from the library warehouse to his car parked on the ground floor, on others, he would directly have deliveries made to his private home.

With the toners in his possession, he made a considerable stock at home and then resold them online. As The New York Post published, with the sums raised, all kinds of items were bought.

“The Austin Public Library (APL) Clerks office assured that Whited justified the trips to the parking lot with the argument that he had to deliver items to other branches. However, APL has other employees responsible for that task, ”the 72-page report can read.

Whited was also charged with buying personal items with library credit cards worth at least $ 18,000. Among those items are a virtual reality headset, an automatic vacuum cleaner and a drone.

The auditor’s office explained that Whited was able to get away with it since the library did not have adequate procedures to control credit card expenses and that it did not always follow established guidelines. Something that from now on, surely, will change.

In July 2019, Whited resigned from her job over an issue unrelated to the recently detected thefts. Since then, the APL has been unable to communicate with him. “We refer these matters to the Austin Police Department, due to the potentially criminal nature of their actions,” they say from the Austin auditor’s office.

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