WorldRussia sets new absolute record for daily deaths from...

Russia sets new absolute record for daily deaths from coronavirus with 1,239 deaths


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Russia registered today for the second consecutive day a record of daily deaths from covid-19 with 1,239 deaths, according to data from the operational center to combat the coronavirus, which also notified 34,656 new infections in the past day.


SIGHT: Moscow closes schools, restaurants, shops and gyms amid Russian coronavirus hecatomb

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The highest death toll was recorded in Moscow (98), followed by Saint Petersburg (82) and the Moscow region (55).

Since the start of the pandemic, 250,454 people have died in Russia for him coronavirus, although the official statistics on excess deaths in the same period almost double this figure.

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As of today in the country, 258,000 people are hospitalized with covid-19, of which 30,000 are in serious condition and 7,000 in intensive care units, as reported today in the State Duma or Chamber of Deputies by the Russian Minister of Health , Mikhail Murashko.

He admitted that in 12 of the 85 regions of the country there are oxygen reserves only for two days.

The Health Minister stressed the need to insist and adopt a “firmer stance” in the population’s vaccination campaign, in a show of support for the decision of the St. Petersburg authorities to vaccinate those over 60 on a mandatory basis. years and people with chronic diseases.

“I have not seen any person vaccinated in intensive care,” said Mutashko, who stressed that among those with Covid-19, the percentage of vaccinated is 3 or 4%.

The Russian authorities attribute the sharp increase in infections and deaths in recent weeks to the aggressiveness of the delta variant, the lack of strict compliance with health rules by many Russians and, above all, to the low vaccination rate in the country.

So far in the nation that was a pioneer when it comes to registering its own anticovid vaccine, only 57,256,747 citizens have received the complete vaccination schedule, which places herd immunity only in 48% of the 80% to which they aspire. authorities.

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