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Mauricio Leal: a letter at the crime scene, key to clarifying the death of the famous stylist and his mother


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Sources from the Bogotá Metropolitan Police confirmed to El Tiempo “that a letter, apparently written by the renowned stylist Mauricio Leal, will be analyzed this Tuesday morning by a group of graphologists to verify its authenticity.

The paper was found, according to the authorities’ report, on the bed of Leal and in it he asked for forgiveness and said goodbye: “I love you, forgive me, I can’t take it anymore (…) I leave everything, with all my love, forgive me, mom 11 24 ″.

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According to the sources, the letter would shed light on a mobile in the stylist’s death, since according to those close to Leal this one suffered a chronic illness that caused him severe pain.

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“For now we do not rule out any hypothesis, but the opinion of Legal Medicine will be crucial to establish the causes that surrounded the death of mother and child. We were struck by the fact that at first glance the woman’s body did not register signs of violence “the source told this newspaper.

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The Police arrived at the place, a condominium located in the vicinity of La Calera, around 4:15 in the afternoon on Monday after receiving a call from one of the relatives of the Leal that alerted of the situation after having entered the place through a window.

At the scene, the police found the lifeless bodies of Marleny Hernandez Tabares, 67 years old, a native of Cartago, Valle, and Mauricio Leal Hernandez, 47 years old.

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At the site, a sharp weapon was found that entered the chain of custody after the collection of biological material by forensic experts.

Similarly, sources point out, since Monday the condominium’s security cameras are being analyzed to rule out the possible presence of intruders, although until now, after a first review, relatives have not reported stolen items.

The Technical Investigation Body (CTI) of the Prosecutor’s Office prioritized the case.


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