WorldWHO seeks ways to better fight an upcoming coronavirus...

WHO seeks ways to better fight an upcoming coronavirus pandemic


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The member countries of the World Health Organization They will hold an exceptional meeting in Geneva starting Monday to try to find strategies to better fight against an upcoming pandemic.

This exceptional meeting of the World Health Assembly – the supreme decision-making body of the UN organization that brings together its 194 members – will last three days for discuss this issue alone, at a time when Europe is experiencing the fifth wave of pandemic of covid-19 and when the appearance of a new variant is a cause for concern around the world.

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It is also two years after the start of the pandemic that cost millions of lives and billions of dollars.

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The management of covid has shown the limits of what the WHO it has the right and the means to do so, but the international community is divided.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the best way to empower the WHO of a legal framework to better face a future crisis, whether in the form of an international treaty or some other formula.

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The International Health Regulations that have guided the work of the WHO since 2005 it has not been designed to deal with crises of the magnitude of the covid, says Jaouad Mahjour, deputy director of emergency preparedness of the organization.

Its CEO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, is clearly in favor of a treaty to avoid the vicious circle of “We don’t do anything and then we panic.”

“The chaos caused by this pandemic only highlights why the world needs a foolproof international agreement that sets the standards.”he said Wednesday.

But the United States is not in favor of a treaty and prefers a faster process.

Rather, some 70 countries support a treaty, stating that it is “the only substantial proposal“That could guarantee” a rapid, joint, effective and equitable global response to the next pandemic “, according to the open letter published by the Ministers of Health of 32 of them and in which they warn:” We cannot wait for the next crisis to Act”.

“Whatever we do, in the future we need a sustained commitment at the highest political level”said a European Union diplomat, who asked “A binding legal framework to structure everything (…) It is too important a question.”

Steve Solomon, WHO Legal Director, believes that “There are good reasons to think” that a collective solution can be found.

“Let’s do it”

“This is not something we have to discuss for 107 years. Please get down to work ”, Former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark said on Monday, reviewing progress six months after the release of a highly critical report on managing the pandemic, the writing of which she co-chaired.

The report proposed a framework agreement for the WHO, which would allow the essentials to be agreed quickly and then expanded when necessary.

A working group has been set up to draft a resolution that can be discussed during the meeting that starts Monday.

According to Mahjour, the recommendations to be discussed fall into four categories: equity, governance and leadership, national and international funding, and systems and tools to respond to a global health crisis. “

“The world cannot afford to have another pandemic for which it is not prepared,” warned.


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