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USA: Man kills partner’s ex-husband while arguing over custody of their children

A man from Texas (USA), identified as Kyle Carrut, He could be sent to jail after fatally shooting his partner’s ex-husband while they argued over the legal custody of their two minor children.

The New York Post noted that Jennifer Read, the bride of the deceased Chad Read, 54, recorded the precise moment in which Carrut She was witnessing the argument her partner had with her ex-husband on the afternoon of November 5.

After a moment Carrut enters his home located in the town of Lubbock and a few minutes later, he comes out with a rifle in hand. When threatened, Read approaches him to face him.

The video clip shows the moment when Carrut he turns away from the victim and shoots him in the chest before the attentive gaze of the surprised girlfriend. After the shooting, the man is heard saying that “He had already warned them that he did not want them to go to his house”. “The children are not here”he exclaimed.

Until this last Friday, there were no arrests against Carrut or his wife for the murder of Chad Read. The killer has been listed as a suspect in police reports, but the police have not publicly identified him.

The widow of Chad He posted the videos of the attack and in his affidavit noted that the images speak for themselves.

“I am the stepmother of the children who are the object of this lawsuit”, read the declaration of Jennifer Read. “The mother of children, Christina Read, has endangered the physical health and emotional well-being of children by allowing them to be in the presence of the man who murdered their father, Chad Read ”, he pointed.

Currently, Jennifer seeks full custody of the 9- and 14-year-olds, as it believes that Christina Read and the murderer of her husband intend to marry as soon as possible.

On the other hand, the lawyer of Carrut He pointed out that his client acted in self-defense, indicating the homicide as justifiable.

“All Texans can legally brandish a firearm to protect themselves, their property, and their business.”said the lawyer David Guinn. “Read threatened to take Carruth’s rifle”he continued pointing.

Kyle responded to the attack. This is a justifiable homicide “, ended.



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