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Brazil studies applying reciprocity to Mexico’s immigration restrictions

The government of Brazil reported this Saturday that it respects the decision of the Mexican authorities to suspend the visa exemption for Brazilians, but trusts that the measure is temporary and warned that it is also considering applying a principle of reciprocity with visitors from Mexico.

“Brazil understands the measure as an expression of sovereignty of the Mexican State and respects what refers to the determination of the conditions of entry of foreigners to its territory”, which for Brazilian travelers by air will be through a prior “electronic authorization”, the Brazilian Foreign Ministry wrote in a note.

However, added the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “Brazil is studying the application of reciprocity proportional to the Mexican measure.”

On Friday, the Government of Mexico temporarily suspended the agreement that abolishes the visa requirement in ordinary passports for citizens of Brazil, due to the increase in illicit trafficking of persons from that country; a measure that joins the one also adopted with Ecuador last August.

The measure, according to the Mexican Government, will come into force on December 11, 2021 and “is due to the increase in irregular flows since, regrettably, criminal groups profit, based on deception, from the interest of Brazilian nationals to migrate in an unfortunate way. irregular to the United States through Mexico ”.

Faced with “the facility granted by the aforementioned agreement,” it was being used “for purposes other than those for which it was originally established. Situation that places (Brazilian nationals) in highly vulnerable environments, particularly women and children, ”added the note from the Mexican Foreign Ministry.

The measure excludes Brazilians with a residence visa in the United States, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom and the countries of the European Schengen area.

However, Brazil indicated in the statement that it sent the Mexican authorities “the expectation that the measure will be in force temporarily and of short duration to contribute to reducing the number of rejected” Brazilians during their immigration.

The agreement between the Mexican and Brazilian governments for the abolition of visas in ordinary passports was signed in the city of Brasilia on November 23, 2000 and entered into force on February 7, 2004.



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