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They spoke through networks for 10 years, they met in a pandemic and were married three months ago

They spoke through networks for 10 years, they met in a pandemic and were married three months ago

They spoke through networks for 10 years, they met in a pandemic and were married three months ago

Marisol Colombo, 29, is an Argentine teacher at the National Technical University, in Chaco, who married him. British Josh Queen, 28, after starting a relationship on social networks. “It was the best decision of my life”said the woman, adding that she regrets not having done it sooner.

“I was studying the English teacher at the university, and I looked for an opportunity to improve the language. In the browser I found profiles of Americans and British ”Marisol tells Infobae.

Josh was the only one who accepted that friend request that reached more than 12,000 kilometers away.

“Within a few words, I felt there was a very strong connection. The conversation flowed from the beginning: it seemed that we had known each other forever “, details the teacher about the first message she received during a summer night.

The connection between the two was on the right track, as technological advances helped keep the relationship alive. And so 10 years passed: of messages, video calls, photos and videos. “The bond only got cold when we got engaged each one by his side, otherwise, he was present in all the moments of my life”.

“It’s like the romantic legend of the red thread”, dice Marisol colombo, revealing that during long-distance contact they had partners with whom they came to live together.

It is all or nothing

The teacher wanted to forget everything in March of this year after going through a strong relationship crisis, but in the midst of her problems the figure of Josh Queen: “There was no need for more. I decided to cut. I was frustrated in the face of the continuous love failures, and I thought ‘if in all this time Josh is still there, there is an opportunity for something more’ “.

“Luckily, he was in full separation. We resume the link with conversations during the day, at night. The affection was intact “he added.

Although things were going well, Marisol wanted to put an end to the long-distance relationship and proposed a face-to-face meeting in London, however, the plans suffered a long delay due to the arrival of the pandemic of the COVID-19.

But the obstacles were not an impediment for her, since she waited long enough and when she had the opportunity she bought the first plane ticket to United Kingdom to listen to your heart. “I played it for love. My flight was canceled more than ten times, until I succeeded “.

Once he landed in Josh’s country, things didn’t turn out as expected: “The entry of tourists was very complex due to the pandemic. After several minutes and proof of identity and stay, I was able to enter “.

After passing the controls, the love of her life was waiting for her outside the airport.

“When I saw him, I couldn’t do anything but run to hug him. All that I had felt through messages, calls, multiplied by a thousand “, the teacher explained, adding that they kissed each other passionately.

From that moment they formalized as a couple and began to live together. Marisol met Josh’s family and friends, in addition to adopting food customs and sharing local rituals. “Being with him I wondered why I had wasted so much time. Being with him makes me a better person “.

Josh Queen He proposed an outing through the city of Bath the day before celebrating Marisol’s birthday. “She prepared a speech in Spanish with the help of a friend, all to ask for my hand”.

During the walk, he got on his knees and asked her to marry him: “I did not hesitate. I said yes, and we cried “, detailed the teacher about what happened that April 17, 2021.

Problems always appear

Marisol colombo She had to return to Chaco because her tourist visa was about to expire, but the wedding preparations did not stop. “The truth is that it was very complex, because the borders for foreigners were still closed. It was agony “.

In the middle of the year, the appearance of new variants of the COVID-19 They forced the authorities to suspend family gatherings as a preventive measure to combat the pandemic. Finally, in August, Josh traveled from the United Kingdom to Argentina to marry his beloved, in a ceremony that took place on September 10 in Resistencia.

“From London his relatives connected by zoom and accompanied us with their own party”. said the woman.

The newlyweds chose the Iguazú Falls and Bariloche to celebrate the honeymoon that lasted ten days: “Josh told me it’s the most beautiful place he’s ever walked. It was beautiful to discover the country through his eyes. I love his way of enjoying life “.

After getting married, Marisol Colombo will start her new life with Josh Queen in London.  (Photo: Marisol Colombo)

After the dream party, Josh Queen had to return to London to fulfill her obligations, while Marisol was notified that “I already qualified” for the marriage visa and that you must wait 60 business days.

“When I get out, I’m moving. Although he wants to live in Argentina. He fell in love with the country. Every day it gets harder. I miss him a lot, I want to recover those 10 years of distance “Marisol sentenced.



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