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USA: mother kills 6-year-old son with deer rifle because “she wanted to send him to heaven”

A mother from South Carolina, USA, was charged with murder after investigators said she shot and killed her 6-year-old son with a deer rifle, saying she wanted to send him to heaven, investigators reported.

The brother of Mary Rosborough told the police that his sister shot the boy on Thanksgiving after going deer hunting and that he was trying to reload the gun when he accosted her, according to his report.

Jase Wise died of a shot in the chest. Meanwhile, the brother of Rosborough He held her until officers arrived at the Fairfield County home, investigators said.

Mary Rosborough, 31, remains in jail without bail. It was not known if he had a lawyer.

The police report also showed that the woman suffers from drug addiction and that there were no indicators of any behavior change that could lead to the belief that she would shoot her son.



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