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Young man who was shot 10 times by his friend’s boyfriend managed to recover and finish high school


Good luck does not seem to have abandoned Damián Di Bella, a young Argentinian that she knew how to recover from the attack she suffered by her friend’s boyfriend after giving ‘like‘to one of his photographs on social networks. The 23-year-old victim was shot several times and one hit him on the back of the neck, leaving him very seriously awaiting a miracle.

Of Bella made the news on April 17 after being hit by a bullet in the spinal cord while driving his vehicle, which ended up generating an accident at the intersection of Belén and Daguerre streets, in the Matera neighborhood. His car hit a pole and he was on the verge of death.

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Thanks to the medical care he has been receiving to date, he was able to regain some mobility, resume his studies again and finish high school last Friday, he reports. Clarion through a chronological note regarding the attack that generated outrage in Argentina.

“He has managed to move his legs, stand up, take a few steps and also achieved mobility in his right arm with a certain graduation. The doctors cannot believe how much progress has been made with his 50% bone marrow “said his mother, Lorena Gervasi.

“We are very happy after so much suffering. The only thing that matters to me is that I have my son with me, and that he is coming home on Saturday. We are going to give it everything so that it is well “added.

Damián Di Bella He was admitted to the Evita hospital, in Merlo, where he also tested positive for COVID-19, before going to the Institute of Psychophysical Rehabilitation (IREP) to start their therapies with the aim of recovering motor autonomy in their limbs.

It was a long road for the 23-year-old to try to lead a common life and fulfill his dream of finishing high school. “He stopped studying when his father passed away to help me with the maintenance of the family”, says his mother.

“During the pandemic (he had lost his job) he returned to his second year, and from high school he completed third year. This Friday they give him his graduate degree “, keep going.

This is how Damien Di Bella was battling in a hospital bed while trying to save his life after being shot. (Photo: Damián Di Bella)

His life was at stake for a “like”

On April 17, Nicolás Jaime fired between 11 and 14 shots at the body of Damián Di Bella by an attack of jealousy, according to the investigations, after the victim put a “like” to a photograph published on Facebook by the aggressor’s girlfriend.

“On the day of the attack, Damián received a message from his friend inviting him to get together with other boys. When he was arriving at her house, he bumped into the groom. I had no dealings with him, but I knew him. That’s why he stopped the car when he saw it “, mentions Lorena Gervasi.

The investigations indicate that Jaime deceived Of Bella to ambush him.


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