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“He asked me to give him a massage on his feet”: witness accuses Maxwell of capturing her for Epstein when he was 17 years old


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The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell This Monday entered the second week with the testimony of another alleged victim who accused the British “socialite” of capturing her to maintain relations with Jeffrey Epstein.

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“Kate” is the second of four women who are scheduled to testify at the trial of Maxwell, 59, who has pleaded not guilty to the six charges against him, including that of child sex trafficking for Epstein, a billionaire who committed suicide while waiting in jail to sit on the bench.

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Kate, a pseudonym to protect her and her son’s privacy, said she was introduced to Maxwell in Paris in 1994 when I was 17 years old.

“It was very sophisticated and very elegant”Kate said of Maxwell during questioning by the prosecution. “It was awesome”.

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Kate said she gave to Maxwell her phone number and that a few weeks later he invited her for tea at his home in London.

“I felt really special”, Kate acknowledged. “I felt that this new contact could be important to me. As if someone loved me, wanted to be my friend ”.

Kate recounted that she spoke to Maxwell about her difficult life at home. He lived in London with his ailing mother.

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Maxwell “spoke highly of her boyfriend”, that he was a philanthropist and “He liked to help young people” So what “I would like”, said.

A few weeks later, Maxwell invited Kate to meet Epstein at his home in London and he asked me to “give him a massage on his feet” and on the shoulders.

A few weeks later, she was invited to give a massage to Epstein. He undressed on a massage table in a darkened room in the defendant’s house, who left the room and closed the door.

The massage ended in a sexual relationship, at the end of which Maxwell asked her “how it went and if she liked it.”

“She seemed very excited and happy,” Kate said.


“I was afraid”

Kate did not give details of their sexual relationships as she was 17 at the time.

With this testimony, the prosecution wants to illustrate the participation of Maxwell in the scheme to attract young women for sexual purposes and corroborate the statements of other complainants.

“I liked that she was happy”, said.

Kate continued to see the couple for several years and traveled to Epstein properties in Palm Beach, New York and the Caribbean.

“I did not know how to say no”, he confessed, and assured that he had never recruited other young women.

Kate said she saw photos of minors at the Palm Beach home, where there were other girls much younger than her. “Very young.”

The witness said that kept in touch with Epstein until he was 30 years old. “I never wanted to admit what had happened to me”, declared. “I was afraid to move away because I had seen how connected they were” Maxwell y Epstein.

Maxwell “He seemed to know everyone.”

The prosecution asked her about her addiction to alcohol, cocaine and sleeping pills and said that she has been sober since May 2003 and the memory “Of important things in my life has never changed.”

In addition, Kate said she has received $ 3.25 million from the Epstein victim fund and that in the current case for her there is nothing financially at stake.

Another witness who came under the pseudonym “Jane” stated last week that she was 14 when Epstein began abusing her and that Maxwell was sometimes present and even participating.

Maxwell, the daughter of former British press mogul Robert Maxwell, faces a life sentence if found guilty by the jury.

Kate will now be questioned by Maxwell’s defense.


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