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Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial draws to a close after she refused to testify

The trial in New York against the British Ghislaine Maxwell, accused of serving as an intermediary for US millionaire Jeffrey Epstein in a series of repeated sexual abuse of minors, appears to be rushing to its end, and the verdict could be known next week.

The defense, which yesterday had expressed its intention to summon 35 witnesses, finally did not do so, limiting its interventions to yesterday and today, Friday morning, something that according to the specialized media in courts leaves a poor impression on their strategy.

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At the end of these interventions, the judge, as usual, on Friday afternoon asked Maxwell, 59 years old and about to turn 60, if he wanted to testify before the jury, to which she refused.

“Your honor, the government (the prosecution) has not been able to prove their accusation beyond a reasonable doubt, so my testimony does not make sense,” according to Maxwell, in statements collected by various media present in the room, where in that The members of the jury were not present at the moment.

The prosecutor Mitchell Epner, a former federal prosecutor in a notorious sex trafficking case, told the “Law and Crime” portal today that if Maxwell had testified “he would have done very badly”, and reasoned with the argument that in his statements made Before investigators, she “was arrogant and combative,” which earned her two counts of perjury.

After that, the judge summoned the parties (prosecution and defense) to deliver their final arguments on Monday before the court, after which the jury will withdraw to deliberate.

The trial, which is being held in the Federal Court of the East of New York, has attracted a lot of media attention, despite the fact that the court is not Epstein, who in August 2019 committed suicide in a prison where he awaited the beginning of your process.

In the courtroom, the names of celebrities, personalities and former politicians who maintained a relationship with the billionaire have been heard, who allegedly abused young people in the houses he had in New York, New Mexico, Florida and the Virgin Islands, where he owned a Island.

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