WorldThe harsh measures that Sweden will introduce for parties...

The harsh measures that Sweden will introduce for parties to stop the omicron variant


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Sweden, a country that in the first wave of the pandemic was characterized by applying lax measures against the coronavirus covid-19, will introduce new restrictions from this Thursday due to the fear of the expansion of the omicron variant.

The head of the Swedish Government, Magdalena Andersson, announced in an appearance before the media a series of measures, which They go from the extension of teleworking to the prohibition in bars and restaurants to serve customers standing up and without keeping the due distances.

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Nightlife, especially discos and clubs, will be closed, also for New Year’s Eve and only public meetings or events with more than 20 people are authorized if they are seated.

Non-essential commercial life will remain open but with reduced capacity, as will catering.

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Andersson He called for “responsible behavior” and expressed his understanding of the population’s fatigue in the face of restrictions, but warned that the omicron variant it is expanding rapidly, so you have to reduce social interaction.

The Nordic country introduced the covid passport for public gatherings and events of more than 100 people in early December, after having removed all restrictions in September.

His government chose in the first wave to disseminate recommendations and appeal to individual responsibility, to move on in the following months to implement some restrictions, although less rigorous than in other countries in the region.

Currently its incidence of infections is one of the lowest in Europe -329 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days, compared to 2,036 in Denmark.

But the Swedish health authorities have warned of the virulence of the omicron variant in other countries of the region and how this evolution has had to accelerate the implementation of new restrictions in the face of the Christmas holidays.



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