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Fauci recommends requiring the vaccination of passengers on domestic flights in the US before the advance of omicron


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Before the advance of the omicron variant of coronavirus, U.S It is reconsidering some of its measures against the pandemic, such as the isolation time that those who have been infected must comply with or whether travelers must show proof of vaccination on domestic flights.


This was explained this Monday in an interview with the MSNBC network, the main epidemiologist of the US Government, Anthony Fauci.

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Fauci announced that the Executive of Joe Biden is evaluating “seriously” reduce the isolation time for those who have been infected with the virus, even if they have no symptoms.

Currently, the isolation time is 10 days, although last Thursday the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) established an exception for health personnel, who must be quarantined for five days.

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Asked whether the US will lower those isolation standards in other cases, Fauci He explained that it is being considered for other essential workers that are necessary for the country to continue functioning.

“There are so many people who are becoming infected, including infections in people who are vaccinated, that we are studying the possibility of reducing the isolation time”, Indian.

In recent days, hundreds of flights have been canceled in the US due to the increase in the number of infections among crews, so the CEOs of large airlines, such as Delta, United and American, have asked the CDC reduce to five days of isolation.

On the other hand, Fauci argued that it would be “reasonable to assess” the imposition of new vaccination requirements on domestic flights.

So far, the US only requires proof of vaccination from travelers on international flights who are neither citizens nor permanent residents, although all must prove that they have tested negative for coronavirus.

On domestic flights, there is no requirement to travel, but Fauci he felt that asking for proof of vaccination could lead to more Americans agreeing to get the vaccine.

U.S has a low vaccination rate compared to other countries such as Portugal (88%), Chile (87%) or Spain (90%) and that despite the fact that vaccines are available for all age groups in pharmacies, health centers and hospitals.

Specifically, 61% of the US population has the full schedule of the vaccine, while 39% still resist taking it, according to the latest data from the CDC.




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