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There will be no new COVID-19 restrictions in England in the remainder of 2021

The British government will not introduce new restrictions by the COVID-19 for England before the end of 2021, his Health Minister Sajid Javid said on Monday.

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Partial figures released by the government on Monday showed 98,515 new COVID-19 cases, but once data from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are taken into account, the cases are likely to remain only slightly below the peak. of December 24, 122,186.

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However, Javid said that ministers will not take any new measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus in the coming days.

“There will be no more measures before the new year,” Javid told reporters. “As we enter the new year, of course, we will then see if further action is necessary.”

The highly communicable omicron variant of the coronavirus now accounts for about 90% of cases across England, he said, urging people to celebrate the New Year with caution.

The government’s attention is focused on the number of patients hospitalized with omicron after first data last week suggested that the variant carries a lower risk of admission.

The UK has reported a total of 148,003 deaths in the 28 days following a positive COVID-19 test, as well as 12.2 million positive tests during the pandemic so far.

Incomplete data were also published for December 25, with 113,628 infections, and for December 26, with 108,893 infections.

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