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The secret that a man kept from his family for 50 years: he was a fugitive due to a bank robbery in the United States.


Just before Thomas Randele died, his wife, who he had been with for almost 40 years, asked his golf friends and colleagues at the car dealer to come over to his house.

They got together to say goodbye to a man they called one of the kindest people they’ve ever met: a dedicated family man who showed off his daughter, a golfer who never broke the rules, a friend of so many people that a week later there was a line outside. from the funeral home.

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For the final visit in May at his suburban Boston home, Randele he had become speechless due to lung cancer. So they all left without knowing that their friend, with whom they spent countless hours exchanging stories, he never told them his big secret.

For the past 50 years he was a fugitive wanted in one of the largest bank robberies in Cleveland history., living in Boston under a new name that he invented six months after that coup in the summer of 1969. Not even his wife and daughter knew until he told them in what authorities described as a deathbed confession.

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It is until now that it is possible to decipher how he managed to leave a family behind and create a new life while evading a father and son from the United States Marshals Service who never gave up on his search.

Ted Conrad quickly realized that security was relatively poor at the Bank Society National in Cleveland shortly after being hired as a teller in January 1969.

The day after his 20th birthday that July, Conrad emerged from the vault with $ 215,000, a loot with a current value of about $ 1.6 million. By the time they realized the money was missing, Conrad was flying across the country.

The 1969 coup drew no attention, not even from Cleveland. They were all focused on the historic Apollo 11 flight to the Moon.

But John Elliott, a United States Sheriff, took it personally because he and Conrad were from the same area of ​​town.

Elliott traveled the United States in search of Conrad and even after he retired continued to review the case, said his son, Pete Elliott, now the top U.S. sheriff in Cleveland, who inherited the search for Conrad nearly 20 years ago.

His father died in March 2020 before investigators deciphered the details of Randele’s obituary and signs of his past. And in November, Randele’s family confirmed that just before he died he confessed to them what he had done, Elliott said.


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