WorldThe United Kingdom adds 183,000 coronavirus infections in one...

The United Kingdom adds 183,000 coronavirus infections in one day, its highest record of the entire pandemic


The United Kingdom recorded in the last 24 hours the record of 183,037 infections of coronavirus, driven by omicron variant, with a total of 57 deaths, 34.1% less than a week ago, indicate the data released this Wednesday by the Ministry of Health.

Infections increased by 41.4% compared to the last seven days, while the 1,213 daily hospitalizations computed for the last time on December 21 represent an increase of 13.2%.

82.3% of the population over 12 years of age have received the complete two-dose vaccination schedule, and 57.5% have received the booster dose, the ministry said.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted today that the omicron continues to cause “real problems” in the country’s hospitals, but does not contemplate for now imposing new restrictions in England -the most populated region-, where the mask is already mandatory in the transport and closed places and present a covid certificate for large events.

The autonomous governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, on the other hand, have limited the number of people that can be gathered indoors and established measures of personal distance in cinemas or theaters.

England suffers from a shortage of antigen testing, while the Scottish Executive for its part has admitted a lack of capacity to carry out and process rapid PCR tests, given the increase in covid cases.

In the case of antigens, the increase in demand is due to the fact that the British Government now allows reducing the quarantine period for contagion in England from ten to seven days, if people test negative in one of those tests on the sixth day and seventh of confinement.

Antigen testing is also used to avoid having to isolate yourself when a person in the home tests positive; check the presence of the virus in schools or before visiting family or friends.





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