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Man raffled off his truck to treat his cancer and the winner gave it to him | VIDEO


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Juan Manuel Vidales received an uninspiring diagnosis in 2021: stomach cancer. You must undergo treatments and surgeries in order to contain the disease from passing through your body.


So she has had to draw on her savings, donations, and loans to pay for many of the procedures at Mexico.

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The man saw in his pickup truck a good option to raise money. Therefore, he decided to make a raffle and encourage his relatives and neighbors of Huimanguillo, state Tabasco, to buy tickets for 199 pesos (10 dollars), as he shared on his social networks.

The Christmas gift

The raffle played with the last four figures of the National Lottery of Mexico.

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The third place took 10 thousand pesos, the second prize was 20 thousand pesos and the first won the Chevrolet 400SS Pickup, which on average is around 250 thousand pesos (12,000 dollars), according to specialized portals.

Last Dec. 24 Juan Manuel handed over his car and thanked those present.

”Many people donated to me and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. I am very happy to have life to deliver this award. We will continue fighting because life goes on ”, he said in a video that has been widely shared on social media.

When I had already given the car papers to the winners, Jorge Rodríguez and Marco Polo, father and son, they gave them back and showed him the bow that they had put on the truck.

“We want to give it to you”Marco announced and immediately Juan Manuel was moved and shed some tears.

“I am very blessed to have friends like you with such big hearts”, commented the cancer patient.

“The truck could not have been in better hands than yours”, Jorge replied.

Help for your treatment

The Rodríguez family meets Juan Manuel and are aware of the difficult situation you are going through to deal with your stomach cancer.

“At the end of the day it was not done to earn money, but to help. That’s what life is about: being able to help when you can “Jorge Rodríguez told the Mexican channel Azteca.

For his part, Marco Polo emphasized the value that the car represents for its owner: “It is a truck that we know he put a lot of effort into fixing. It has a more sentimental value than the economic one and we made the best of giving it to you and giving it back to you at Christmas”.

The illness It can be treated with surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapy, according to the American Cancer Society. Hence, Juan Manuel has entered the operating room in recent months.

According to him, he is thinking of selling other assets to have enough money for unforeseen events.

“I would sell it or raffle it again if I no longer have a place to draw. As long as I take it as a gift from God ”, he assured in the aforementioned channel.




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