Stories of anti-vaccines that ended up infected with coronavirus, hospitalized or dead


Since various laboratories around the world announced the arrival of the vaccine that would save us from suffering from serious cases of coronavirus, a small sector of the world population, skeptical of the effects of the immunizer, started a disinformation campaign so that people would desist from opting for inoculation.

The positive effects of vaccination have been scientifically proven. In addition, this translates into a reduction in deaths from coronavirus, despite the fact that new waves of infections are registered by variants that arise, such as the current omicron.

However, this is not enough for political figures, athletes, or people in general to give up applying the doses recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). Many of these people have ended up infected, hospitalized and, in some cases, have died.

Here are some stories of anti-vaccines that ended up infected with coronavirus:

Jair Bolsonaro

The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, contracted the coronavirus during the first week of July 2020.

At that time he assured that he was taking all sanitary measures to avoid infecting his closest environment. “The measures I am taking are to avoid contamination from third parties,” he said, according to El Comercio.

Known for his anti-vaccine stance, the far-right was always a denier of the dangers of contracting the disease, which he once referred to as “flu.” Currently, he has not been vaccinated, as he has said, because he considers that by having gotten sick he has already obtained immunity.

The kickboxing champion

Last Sunday, the press confirmed the death of Frederic Left, three times world champion of kickboxing, product of COVID-19.

The 41-year-old man became infected and the symptoms affected him greatly, which is why he had to be admitted to a hospital in Belgium at the end of November. The athlete was receiving the appropriate treatment to be able to overcome, but did not change his position against vaccines.

Frederic Sinistra, the strongest man in Belgium, passed away after contracting COVID-19.  (Photo: IG Fred Sinistra)

Left He managed to recover from the disease, for which he was discharged. Doctors recommended that he get vaccinated before leaving the hospital, but he refused. Days later, the consequences caused by the coronavirus began to be noticed. The prominent kickboxing representative had a lung problem and could no longer resist.

Bleach treatment

Johann Biacsics, 65-year-old Austrian anti-vaccine leader, died on December 5 of complications from the coronavirus. The man was rushed to a Vienna hospital in November for respiratory problems.

At the hospital they diagnosed him with the disease, but he refused at all times to receive treatment. He voluntarily requested a medical discharge to treat himself with chlorine dioxide or bleach, according to El Comercio.

His family was the one who decided to call an ambulance after seeing his health seriously affected, but this time it was too late, since he died two days after admitting him.

Johann Biacsics died of coronavirus at age 65.  (Video capture).

Biacsics had led a large march against vaccines in Vienna, stating that “67% of ICU patients are vaccinated”, in addition to confessing that “Had confidential information”.

Anti-Vaccine Christian Preacher

In U.S, the Christian evangelist preacher Marcus Lamb died as a result of COVID-19. The news was shared by El Comercio on December 4 after his wife Joni Lamb announced his death in a live broadcast on Facebook.

Lamb was a well-known anti-vaccine activist who founded a Christian television network called Daystar Television Network in 1997. From that space he spoke out against the COVID-19 and vaccines.

Marcus Lamb, CEO de Daystar Christian network. (Foto: Daystar).

In an episode earlier this year, he invited two other anti-vaccine colleagues to discuss how ‘dangerous’ injections with the antidote were. Lamb claimed that the antidote to coronavirus “It wasn’t really a vaccine”, but one “Experimental injection”.

In another episode aired before his death, Lamb’s son, Jonathan, referred to his father’s diagnosis as a “spiritual attack from the enemy.”

“I have no doubt that this is a spiritual attack from the enemy. As much as my parents have come here to somehow inform everyone about everything that is happening in the pandemic and some of the ways to treat covid, there is no doubt that the enemy is not happy about it, and is doing everything possible to end my dad”, He indicated.

A married couple and their child

Without a doubt, this was one of the cases that most attracted the attention of the press in July of this year. Three members of a family in Portugal died after fighting him COVID-19. Basil Goncalves, 73, his wife Charmagne, 65, and one of their sons, Shaul, 40, were staunch opponents of vaccines.

Francis, the other son of the couple, was the only member of that family who was vaccinated and did not contract the disease. According to El Comercio, the young man had insisted that his parents administer the doses against the coronavirus, but they refused all the time out of fear and misinformation.

On July 12, they were admitted to the emergency room after attending a family lunch. Two days later, Basil, was rushed to the intensive care unit (ICU). His mother and brother followed in his footsteps days later.

Shaul He died on July 18 after losing the battle. Two days later, on July 20, her father died and her mother slipped into a coma induced by underlying health problems.

“They allowed me to go see her, which was already a sign that things were not going well and I had to dress in full personal protective equipment. Then on Saturday July 24, I got a phone call from the doctor saying they were in a situation where they had tried everything and the next two hours would be critical. Later that night, I received a call to tell him that he had passed away. “Francis recounted.




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