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Man receives surgery as a Christmas gift after suffering from a deformity in his nose for years


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Conrado Ramos Estrada received in this Christmas one of the best gifts of your life. This 57-year-old painter, who lives in New York (U.S), spent many years self-conscious about the severe case of rhinophyma that he suffered, which deformed his nose.

According to the New York Post, Ramos spent several years with this skin disorder and that led him to always wear masks or handkerchiefs to hide it.

Thus, one day, while doing landscaping and gardening work at the house of a surgeon, he approached and promised to help him.

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“I saw this man gardening in my background when I noticed his severe case of rinofima. I introduced myself and offered to correct his facial deformity, something he happily accepted ”, told the plastic surgeon Thomas Romo, who related his story on social media.

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“People were staring at me. The children asked their mothers what had happened to me and I avoided it by wearing a mask all the time ”, He told the aforementioned media in an interview about how he felt before the surgery.

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For his part, the doctor explained that the illness suffered by the worker could be caused by a severe and untreated rosacea, a disease that causes chronic inflammation, as in the case of Ramos.

Likewise, Romo explained that the pigmentation that he now presents was caused by Ramos’ exposure to the sun even when he was under postoperative care.

After the surgery, the two created a very strong bond. I believe that God sent an angel to take care of me. This is how I see Dr. Romo”He added.


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