WorldThe mystery behind the most isolated house in the...

The mystery behind the most isolated house in the world


Images of a mysterious house built on what appears to be a remote island isolated from any contact with civilization have been released on social networks.

Around it you can only see the ocean and some birds that come to seek refuge in the greenness of that small piece of land located in Ellidaey, al sure of Iceland.

The house earned the title of “The loneliest house in the world”Granted by Internet users who, surprised, have tried to explain the origin and the owner of this particular dwelling.

Hundreds of fantastic and somewhat terrifying speculations have arisen around the place.

Some internet users claim that it was the home of a very famous singer in Iceland and that he lived there to isolate himself from the world of fame and cameras. Others, a little more imaginative, mention that it was built by a businessman to be safe from a zombie apocalypse.

The truth is that the residence was built at the beginning of the 20th century by five families that inhabited the island surviving solely and exclusively from hunting birds and fishing. It was for this reason that they decided to create a hostel that would give them greater comfort to face the low temperatures of that Nordic country.

In 1930, the house was completely abandoned. Its first inhabitants they migrated to more populated places looking for more comforts and opportunities for economic growth.

New owners

Although it has been uninhabited since that time, in 1950 the Ellidaey Hunting Association it took control of the property rights to house only its members.

Why did they buy something so desolate? The idea is to facilitate the stay of those who go to the island by hunt puffins, a native seabird of the archipelago of Vestaman.

Keep in mind that, if you want to get closer to the place, you must attend with a tourist plan or permit from the Icelandic government, as this area is classified as a natural reserve. This can become contradictory due to the presence of hunters in the area, but it has been regulated by the authorities of that country through exclusive seasons for controversial activity.

At present the dwelling appears to be in perfect condition. Some specialized media mention that it does not have a drinking water or sewerage, but a rain irrigation system that allows collecting supplies of the liquid.

If you wish to visit the property you can, but you must bear in mind that it is not possible to stay there. You can also access the rest of the islands that are in the area to enjoy an ecological landscape surrounded by wildlife characteristic of these places with low temperatures.





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