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Vice President of Bolivia will be vaccinated against the coronavirus and reveals that he was infected twice: “I have even eaten grass”


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The vice president of Bolivia, David Choquehuanca, stated that he will be vaccinated against the coronavirus covid-19, although he assured that he has “natural immunity” after going through the disease twice, after the controversy when it became known that he is not immunized and that from next year the vaccination card will be required.

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Choquehuanca He told the local channel F10 this Thursday that he had twice covid-19 and that overcame the disease based on “natural medicine and medicinal plants”.

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“I have been scared but I have overcome, then it has given me again, I have also overcome with natural medicine, then, then I have no longer realized if it has given me again, but I take care of myself”, said the vice president of Bolivia.

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“I have even eaten grass”, Indian Choquehuanca stating that also took a mixture of turmeric, honey, ginger, onion and lemon to pass the disease and that knows of cases that the “bico y la coca” did them good, that is, the coca leaf that is chewed on Bolivia and baking soda.

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“I have friends who were with symptoms, they have even had this coronavirus, with bico and coca in the mornings, all day they have been able to overcome this, they have been able to manage positively ”, express.

He also pointed out that he already has “natural immunity” when going through the disease.

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In Bolivia There was controversy when it became known that the vice president was not vaccinated against covid-19, after the new measures of the Government of Luis Arce were published, which determine that from January 1, 2022, the vaccination card will be required to enter public and private places and for travel.

The new decree indicates that the person who does not want to be vaccinated, since it is a voluntary decision, must present a PCR test with an age of 48 hours to enter public places.

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Thus, opposition deputies asked the vice president to be vaccinated or to comply with the norm, while other sectors supported the decision to Choquehuanca.

“I am respectful of the rules and all Bolivians have to comply with the rules, I am going to get vaccinated in the next few days, but I have immunity”, assured Choquehuanca.

In addition, a PCR test will be taken since there is “Some people who are wanting to speculate and are wanting to make this issue political”continued the vice president.

Choquehuanca recommended to the population that we must “take care of ourselves, always wear the chinstrap, eat healthy and not be afraid.”

Bolivia The fourth wave of infections is living with alarming daily figures that reached 6,149 new daily cases, a record of cases throughout the pandemic that in total are already 591,773 positive and 19,650 deaths since March of last year.

Faced with this situation, the Bolivian government decided to declare a health emergency and at least six cities suspended the festivities for the New Year. Until now, 9,682,874 doses have been applied between first, second and third vaccines to the Bolivian population.


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