WorldAnti-vaccine community slams Trump after pro-immunization comments

Anti-vaccine community slams Trump after pro-immunization comments


The recent comments of the former Republican president Donald Trump that promote vaccines for the COVID-19 as safe and a major achievement of his presidency have enraged the extreme anti-vaccines, which include many of his ardent supporters.

After months of relatively low profile on vaccines and no photos of him being inoculated, Trump He told former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly during an event in Dallas on Dec. 19 that he had received the booster, prompting some boos from the audience.

In an interview with the right-wing expert Candace Owens published two days later, Trump rejected the comment that the injections were unsafe.

“Oh no, the vaccine works”, interrupted Trump to Owens, who said she was not immunized. “Those who get very sick and go to the hospital are those who do not get vaccinated.”

While in both cases Trump He stressed that he is against the vaccine mandates of Democratic President Joe Biden, his comments have drawn rare criticism from anti-vaccine activists and some supporters.

The controversy highlights the balancing act that Trump he could face in a possible presidential race in 2024: he will have to energize his base, for many of whom the opposition to vaccines has become a rallying cry, without repelling the moderates.

Conspiracy theorist and radio host Alex Jones said on his talk show that by promoting the vaccine, Trump era “Completely ignorant” The “One of the most evil men that ever lived”. He said it was time to forget about the Republican.

Radio host Wayne Allyn Root, a staunch supporter of Trump, said the former president had “Reason in everything”, except for vaccinations, and I needed a “intervention”.

In a statement to Reuters, Root stressed that he would always be a supporter of Trump and that by “intervention“He was simply referring to an opportunity to convince him to “to alter” Your message.

A representative of Trump did not immediately respond to a request for comment. There was no immediate response to requests for comment from representatives for Jones or Owens.

In right-wing social media groups, some voters from Trump They argue that it is acting strategically to keep hostile media at bay. Others, however, are dismayed.

“I can no longer support it”, Daniel McLean, 42, who works in the Oregon cannabis industry, said in an interview, adding that he has been increasingly disappointed in what he sees as Trump al “establishment” politician.





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