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“The crisis will not define us,” says the mayor of New York in his first speech


The new mayor of New York, Eric Adams, delivered his first official speech as alderman of the Big Apple this Saturday, in which he insisted that the crisis of the coronavirus “It will not define” the city, which said it is “about to wake up.”

“Today we remember our strengths, we face our fears and we start from scratch. This crisis is not going to define us, ”Adams said in a televised speech broadcast live.

The ex-cop, who was sworn in on Friday night in Times Square in the first minutes of 2022, insisted on the resistance of New Yorkers.

“This crisis wants to tell us when we can be happy and when we can be sad, when and how we can enjoy our city. (…) But if there is something that everyone knows about New Yorkers, it is that we do not like being told what to do, “he said.

To regain control of their lives, Adams urged New Yorkers to take “big and small” actions, such as getting vaccinated, going to a Broadway show, taking the kids to school or going to the office, stressing that will not force the closure of businesses despite the increase in cases of coronavirus.

“This is not 2020. This is 2022. With vaccines, tests and treatments, we now have the tools to live with the virus,” he settled.

The mayor also promised that efficiency will be the central element of his administration, above all else.

“It may seem like an obvious position, but it is so practical that it has been forgotten, and now is the time to be radically practical. Because a better city is not only achieved by doing something new, but by doing something ”, he added.

Adams also pledged to always keep in mind the essential workers who have sacrificed themselves throughout the pandemic, while recalling his humble origins as a dishwasher or receptionist, as well as his problems with the law, which led to his arrest as a young.

The new mayor of New York, who had initially canceled his inauguration ceremony due to the high number of cases of coronavirus that is being registered in the city, formally took his position after a brief event in Times Square shortly after midnight in a short ceremony.

A former police captain and former president of the Brooklyn district, Adams faces the difficult task of recovering the economy, cultural activity and security in the city, one of the hardest hit by covid-19.






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