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Assault on Capitol Hill: A year later, Americans fear for their democracy, polls show


One year after the violent invasion of the CapitolAmericans remain deeply concerned about the health of their democracy, and about a third say violence against the government can sometimes be justified, according to two polls released Sunday.

The coup on January 6, 2021 against the headquarters of Congress, led by hundreds of radical supporters of the then president Donald Trump, was “a harbinger of increasing political violence” and that American democracy “is under threat,” according to two-thirds of those surveyed in a CBS News poll.

Meanwhile, Americans’ “pride” in their democracy has dropped dramatically, from 90% in 2002 to 54% today, according to a joint survey by The Washington Post and the University of Maryland.

As the January 6 anniversary approaches, polls offer specific reasons for concern: CBS found that 28% of respondents believe that force can be used to defend the outcome of an election, while 34% believe it. told The Washington Post that violent action against the government can sometimes be justified – the highest percentage in decades.

The results underscore the seemingly nearly irreconcilable views that divide American society, which Democratic President Joe Biden, who took office 14 days after the Capitol riots, has vowed to overcome.

Two-thirds of Trump supporters continue to believe his baseless accusation that there was fraud and that Biden is not the legitimately elected president.

Trump had addressed thousands of supporters shortly before the invasion, telling them that the elections had been “rigged” and that they must “fight like hell” to get justice.

The invasion of Congress, which left five dead, several wounded and destroyed, is the subject of an investigation by a special legislative committee.

About 60% of those polled believe that Trump bears a great responsibility for the invasion of the Capitol, which occurred just as lawmakers were ready to certify Biden’s victory.

But 83% of his voters believe Trump’s level of responsibility is only “partial” or “none,” according to the Post poll.

And 26% of Americans want him to seek the presidency again in 2024, according to CBS.





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