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Man arrested for detonating pyrotechnic in the muzzle of a dog in Mexico


A man who, in complicity with two other subjects, allegedly placed pyrotechnics in the muzzle of a dog in the Jardines de Morelos neighborhood, in Mexico, which caused him serious injuries, was detained by the municipal police of Ecatepec and presented to the Public Ministry by his probable participation in the crime of animal abuse.

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“We were drinking and getting high and we put a ‘cuete’ on the dog”, story Mario Alberto “N”, 25 years old, resident of the El Salado neighborhood, who acknowledged their participation in the mistreatment of the animal, about a year old.

On December 24, residents of Bosque de las Flores street, in Jardines de Morelos, alerted the police of Ecatepec about a dog injured with pyrotechnics, which remained on a sidewalk.

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Personnel from the Environment and Ecology Directorate and the Ecatepec Canine and Feline Attention Center (Cacyfe) provided medical attention to the dog and a criminal complaint for animal abuse was initiated.

The dog has serious injuries.

The detainee reported that he ingested alcoholic drinks and he was consuming drugs along with two other subjects, when at one point they put the explosive device in the animal’s mouth and detonated it, causing severe damage.

The dog suffered serious injuries on the muzzle. The blast detached one eye and the other was exorbitant and dangling, for which he received the medical attention required by veterinarians of the Cacyfe, with health prognosis still reserved.

Mayor Fernando Vilchis He said that there will be no tolerance for this type of criminal behavior, for which he instructed that the corresponding criminal complaints be presented, in addition to requesting the collaboration of the population to find those responsible, which allowed the arrest of one of the alleged participants, who when arrested was carrying a sharp weapon.

The Public Ministry initiated the research folder corresponding to the probable participation of the detainee in the crime of animal abuse.


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