WorldThe video of the moment when a killer behind...

The video of the moment when a killer behind the wheel runs over athletes and kills a cyclist in Argentina


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On the morning of this Sunday, around 9 o’clock, a driver rammed and killed the cyclist Marcela Bimonte and fled the place, near the Bosques de Palermo, in Argentina, with the help of a Jeep brand truck that picked him up in the area.

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The events were recorded in the security cameras of the city of Buenos Aires. In the recording, you can see the red Ford Focus, driven by Jose Carlos Olaya Gonzalez, that he loses control and gets on the bike path on Figueroa Alcorta avenue.

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In another shot of the Buenos Aires security system, it appears the Jeep truck that went to look for the person in charge, now detained, and collaborated in the escape. The vehicle in question is driving down the avenue with the driver of the Ford Focus.

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However, 40 minutes later, in the Buenos Aires district of Avellaneda, in an operation coordinated by the City and Province police, they arrested the driver. They were also delayed the companion and two other men that helped them flee.

The four detainees in Avellaneda who were aboard the black Jeep truck. (Security PBA – LA NACION).

Sources from the Buenos Aires Ministry of Security confirmed THE NATION that the case against the 32-year-old driver is for culpable homicide. Against the three remaining men –Patricio Daniel Valiente, 30 years old; Lucio Valiente, 20, and Fernando Ezequiel Escobar, 29-, the cover is for concealment. All four were arrested.

Irresponsibility at the wheel in Palermo

Irresponsibility at the wheel in Palermo

There’s also two delayed women, 20 and 22 years old. Both were on board a red Ford Focus when it hit the athletes. Although they did not flee, they stayed inside the vehicle and did not assist the victims.

The Buenos Aires Security portfolio reported that thanks to the work with the Buenos Aires Police they managed to capture the accused. “With the dominance of it, an alert was irradiated in all the communes. It was detected thanks to the Digital Ring and it was made a tracing, seeing that it was coming down at Puente Pueyrredón. So the Province staff were alerted, who quickly visualized him and stopped him.”, They indicated.

The Jeep truck in which the detainees escaped.  (PBA security).

The Jeep truck in which the detainees escaped. (PBA security).

On the other hand, the Buenos Aires Security Ministry reported that the Jeep truck, with IED 733 patent, was intercepted at the intersection of the streets Argentine Women and Casella Piñeyro, in Avellaneda.


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