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Coronavirus: What restrictions does the vaccination passport bring that France is about to approve?


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Deniers tremble and those who distrust the vaccine against coronavirus COVID-19 in France. Everything points to the fact that in the land of freedoms a law would be about to be passed that would require demonstrating that one is vaccinated to be part of public life.

That is to say, the health pass – a modality that allowed to present a negative test to enter restaurants or museums – will become a vaccination passport, the great difference of which is that it will require having the complete guideline.

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It is not a minor data: according to Reuters, “France has traditionally had a larger population skeptical of vaccines than many of its EU neighbors”. However, the data contradicts the vaccination rate, which exceeds 90% (over 12 years) with the full schedule.

According to the AFP agency, the idea is to put pressure on the more than 5 million French people who have not yet been immunized.

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The legislators of the Lower House (National Assembly) already discuss the project. If approved, this Wednesday 5 will go to the Senate, while the plenary session could approve it over the weekend. If that’s the case, the measure will take effect on January 15..

To avoid any deception on the part of the population, between the second and third dose may not take more than four months; otherwise the vaccine passport will not be valid.

Olivier Véran, the Minister of Health, declared a few days ago:

They say it’s not their problem and they go about their business […] The vaccination pass is presented precisely to them, that they understand that the crisis is not alien to them”.

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A critical look

From a public health point of view, the move makes sense”He comments health doctor Ernesto Gozzer. “When there are emergency situations, in general, some rights are restricted and those that prevail are the right to life, to health, and then the rest follows.”.

But, Gozzer notes, it is not that the French legislation that is being debated requires its citizens to be vaccinated. In that sense, the measure would be similar to the one recently imposed in Ecuador and which is already in force in the Peru.

And everywhere in Europe they ask you, at least, for a health pass”.

The move, if anything, makes a lot of sense when you consider that while antigen testing is reliable, it is of little use when it comes to large gatherings.

These tests are useful as long as they are done regularly, three times a week.”, explains Gozzer. “But if we go to a festival where we are all going to be close together and screaming, an antigen test is not a guarantee of anything.”.

Will this measure encourage the unvaccinated to be immunized or will it be the opposite?The only way to know if this works is to try it. Certainly, some will have a very violent reaction: in Europe there were against the restrictions, and in France we are talking about about 20% anti-vaccine people ”.

The specialist is not wrong. The legislators who support this new norm are suffering attacks and threats from the anti-vaccines. For example, last week, the wall of the house of one of them was scratched, while one of them reported on Twitter that she received an email with graphic death threats.

According to Reuters, there are already 52 legislators who have been harassed.

In response, Gérald Darmanin, the French Minister of the Interior, announced that their protection will be redoubled in these days.


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