WorldMexico, first place in the death rate vs coronavirus...

Mexico, first place in the death rate vs coronavirus cases in the world


Mexico ranks first in the death rate for every 100 confirmed cases of Covid-19, according to today’s update from Johns Hopkins University.

Mexico tops the list of countries with the highest mortality per 100 cases, with 7.5%, followed by Bulgaria, with 4.1%; Hungary, with 3.1%; Russia, with 2.9% and Brazil, with 2.8%. In the analysis of the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, the United States ranks 13th, with 1.5%

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If the deaths per 100,000 inhabitants are considered, Mexico ranks, according to Hopkins, ninth place, with 234.78. In this list, Bulgaria ranks first, with 44.78, followed by Hungary, with 401.09; Moldova, with 387.19; Georgia, with 373.75 and the Czech Republic, with 339.46. The United States ranks eighth, with 251.66.

Johns Hopkins University clarified that the countries that appear in these two lists “are not necessarily those with the most deaths” in total terms.

If the total death toll is considered, the United States is the country with the highest number of deaths: 826,419, followed by Brazil, with 619,401; India, with 481,893; Russia, with 305 thousand 96, and Mexico, with 299 thousand 544.

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  • Man arrested for detonating pyrotechnic in the muzzle of a dog in Mexico




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