WorldYoung woman dies from bungee jumping without proper protection...

Young woman dies from bungee jumping without proper protection | VIDEO


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Yecenia Morales Gómez, 25, lost her life after jumping into the void without a harness while practicing bungee jumping or bungee jumping, which is an extreme activity in which a person jumps off a bridge tied to an elastic rope.

The accident of the young woman who lost her life occurred in the municipality Colombian of Amagá, Antioquia. The video The moment in which Yecenia is launched was disseminated on social networks by visitors to the area, in which it is observed when Morales falls unprotected into nothingness.

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Young woman dies from bungee jumping without protection

The first reports reported that Yecenia Moreales was with her boyfriend at the site and that she had misunderstood the bungee instructor. According to this, the manager had yelled “jump now” to another person and the deceased understood that the indication was for her.

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(Foto: Pixabay)

It was at that moment of confusion that Yecenia jumped, when her harness was still not properly secured. Authorities rushed to the place where the young woman had fallen, only to verify that she no longer had vital signs.

Yecenia Morales died of cardiac arrest while falling, so when she touched the ground she had already died. Given this, the company has declared its version of what happened.

Bungee jumping company talks about Yecenia Morales.

After the terrible accident, the company in charge of the jumps, named Sky Bungee Jumping, gave his version of events through a statement.

The first point they clarified was that there was no way that the young woman had been confused in order, since there was no one else to tell to jump more than her.

“It is not true, as has been reported, that the jump of Yecenia Morales, It happened because of the confusion of a jump order given to her boyfriend. At the time of the accident, no one was jumping, neither his girlfriend nor someone else ”, I point out the company.

According Sky Bungee Jumping His way of working is that only one person jumps at a time, while the others wait far from the jump point, to avoid accidents.

When someone is thrown, the next one waits for the other to be recovered, to be able to place the protection and proceed to the jump.

(Foto: Pixabay)

(Foto: Pixabay)

Yecenia He was the person who followed to jump, even, he already had the harness on. For that moment, it only remained to finish the recovery of the person who had jumped minutes before. In the video, which has gone viral, it shows Morales’ jump, but also shows that the person who had jumped earlier was just being recovered. This is relevant because it indicates that there was no confusion with another jump or another person “

The company, to avoid interfering with the investigations, did not say what they believe happened to the young woman. In the same way, he clarified the rumors that they do not have permits to operate, as they indicated that they gave the authorities all the documents in order, and they even have an insurance policy that the family of Yecenia can charge.

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