WorldProtest by beekeepers in Chile leaves 7 policemen injured...

Protest by beekeepers in Chile leaves 7 policemen injured by bee stings


Four protesters arrested and seven policemen injured by bee stings left a protest by beekeepers on Monday in front of the presidential palace Chilean, who demanded government measures to face the persistent drought that affects the South American country.

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In the central avenue where the La Moneda palace is located, beekeepers installed about 60 hives containing approximately 10,000 bees, temporarily blocking traffic and confronting police officers who tried to evacuate them.

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One of the beekeepers, José Iturra, told local media that the drought in the Colina sector, north of Santiago, was wiping out the local insect population.

“The bees are dying from the drought,” Iturra said. “They are of global importance. If they died, there would be no life here, “added the protester.

The ministerial in charge of Agriculture for the metropolitan region of Santiago, Omar Guzmán, told the press that “we share the concern” of beekeepers, that there are working tables installed with the beekeeping network and a score of municipalities in water emergency in the region from Santiago receiving help to cope with the water shortage.

The press office of the uniformed Carabineros police confirmed to Reuters that seven officers were injured by bees while trying to remove the beehives from the street and disperse the protesters.

Not all the people who circulated in the sector, in the heart of Santiago, supported the protest, which caused the insects to end up flying in the environment.

“It is dangerous for people who are allergic, because it can kill them,” a passerby told the local press.

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