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Military dies after a deer attack in the presidential house of Paraguay


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One of the bodyguards assigned to guard the presidential residence of Paraguay He died after being attacked by a deer that lives in captivity in Mburuvicha Róga (Guaraní name of the house of the head of state), military sources confirmed this Tuesday.

As Colonel Víctor Urdapilleta, from the Directorate of Social Communication of the Paraguayan Armed Forces, explained to the local station 730 AM, Infantry Sergeant Victor Isasi It was struck by a deer in the early hours of Sunday to Monday.

The attack caused him serious injuries and, after several hours of fighting for his life, he died on Monday at around 7:00 p.m. (22:00 GMT) at the Military Hospital.

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Isasi It had among its functions to control the habitat of the animals, but not to care for them. However, according to Urdapilleta, at one point during the night he entered the area where they are “and there the reaction of the deer takes place.”

“He had no need to go there, he could control from there, for unknown reasons he approaches the place, what I noticed is that he raises his hand,” he said to the media.

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Apart from the investigation opened by the case, the controversy in Paraguay has arisen due to the presence of exotic animals in the presidential residence, although Frederick Bauer, director of Wildlife of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (Mades), told various media premises that “there is no regulation.”

“The deer that caused this accident is an exotic deer, it is not from the native wild fauna,” said the expert, adding that a resolution is being worked on “to establish that all the procedures and activities related to non-domestic exotic species, require an authorization from Mades ”.

Urdapilleta commented that the animal that he attacked is a specimen of axis deer and added that the Administration of Mario Abdo Benítez is not the first to have exotic animals in Mburuvicha Róga and that, in previous governments, there were birds and even felines.



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