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Venezuela LIVE | Barinas repeats gubernatorial election after controversial ruling that annulled opposition triumph

The opening of the voting centers for the repetition of the regional elections this Sunday in Barinas, the birthplace of Hugo Chávez, began after 6 a.m. local time (10 a.m. GMT), at which time all polling stations must be active, according to the mandate. of the National Electoral Council (CNE) of Venezuela. Today’s elections in Barinas are held after the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) annulled the votes of last November in the region, and ordered their repetition, upon detecting that the opposition candidate Freddy Superlano -who won by a narrow margin to the Argenis Chávez, a pro-government official, appeared despite being disqualified.


The high court made the decision eight days after the holding of regional elections throughout the country and with proclaimed governor in all states, except in Barinas, a region that demanded to know what was happening, without receiving answers from the National Electoral Council (CNE).

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The order of repetition was given by the Supreme Court after receiving a constitutional protection action filed by Adolfo Superlano (no relation to Freddy Superlano), considered a dissident of the opposition, “for the alleged violation of the constitutional rights to participation and suffrage.” , provided for in the Magna Carta.

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The aforementioned violation of “constitutional rights” is given, the Supreme Court said, by the nomination of the opponent Freddy Superlano, who, as clarified at the time in a statement, appeared weighing on him a disqualification.

Two women pose for a photograph next to a mural by Hugo Chávez in Sabaneta, Barinas state. (EFE / Rayner Peña).

However, the opponent had been included in a list of amnesties by President Nicolás Maduro in August 2020, so the reasons why he was once again disqualified are unknown.

Candidates who aspire to govern Barinas And who have options are the former foreign minister and former minister of Hugo Chávez, Jorge Arreaza, on the part of the ruling party; and the opponents Sergio Garrido, for the Democratic Unity Table, and Claudio Fermín, considered a dissident of the majority anti-Chavez movement.


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