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The luxury jets with Colombian cocaine that are falling in Guatemala

The prosecution colombian just reported that thanks to a joint work with the give and with the Army, a ‘narcojet‘ in Guatemala with more than a ton of high purity Colombian cocaine.

According to the report, the drug would have been shipped from the border area with Venezuela by the FARC dissidents bound for Central America, where she would be received by cartel contacts mexican from Jalisco New Generation.

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The panelas with the alkaloid had the initials GI, which would correspond to a capo of Tumaco that moves cargoes overland to the border with Venezuela to take them out on clandestine tracks.

Authorities seized a laboratory in Narino with labels and stamping machines that had those initials; and investigation work indicates that the recipients of the cocaine were the leaders of one of the structures of ‘Second Marquetalia, the diminished dissent at the command of alias ‘Ivan Marquez’.

According to CTI sources, the Public Prosecutor’s Office Colombia warned about a G3 jet with the shipment of cocaine hydrochloride that took off from a clandestine runway located in Venezuelan territory, authorities detected the aircraft and forced it to land in Petén (Guatemala).

The inspections found 1,028 kilograms of cocaine valued at about 32 million dollars.

From tres “narcojet”

But this is not the first shipment of this size to fall in recent days. TIME established that There are three with similar routes and characteristics.

Last December 15, another was located narcojet‘in Sayaxché, Petén, where the security forces of Guatemala They found packages of cocaine.

Two vehicles were also located at the site that, apparently, they would be used to move the stash.

Using the “BMW” brand

On November 5 there is another report about another luxurious device at the service of the mafia, which illegally entered the airspace of Guatemala and landed on a clandestine airstrip in Champerico, Retalhuleu.

The abandoned aircraft is a jet, registration N42FL. At the time it was reported that an airplane appears with the same registration and corresponds to a luxurious Gulfstream III with capacity for 12 passengers.

Among the caches seized in recent months were several panelas that used the brand ‘BMW‘. The DEA is already tracking these leads.

According to official records, from January to October 2021, the Guatemalan Army seized 16 aircraft that illegally entered its national territory with cocaine.


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