WorldAMLO, president of Mexico, says he is "quite well"...

AMLO, president of Mexico, says he is “quite well” after a second infection with coronavirus


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The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, said Tuesday that his second infection with covid-19 with mild discomfort and that he feels “quite well”, which he considered evidence of the less dangerousness of the omicron variant.

LOOK: The president of Mexico is infected with coronavirus for the second time

“I’m feeling pretty good, luckily we won’t need to be hospitalized,” López said. Obrador in a video message transmitted during his usual morning conference, which in his absence was directed by the Secretary of the Interior, Adán Augusto López.

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“Let’s not be scared, fortunately this is a variant that does not have the level, the degree of danger that the delta variant and I am experiencing it,” continued the 68-year-old president with a hoarse voice and dressed in a suit.

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As a sign of his mild symptoms, Lopez Obrador the temperature and the oxygenation level were taken.

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“I have 36.1 (degrees Celsius) and 92 (oxygenation). What do I have? Burning in the throat, hoarseness, a little body ache at first, but I’m feeling pretty good, “he said.

“I would say that this virus goes out, it does not go to the lungs,” he added.

The Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer, indicated for his part that the president should be sheltered for a week.

Beatriz Gutiérrez, López Obrador’s wife, reported that both she and her 14-year-old son Jesús López Gutiérrez have isolated themselves although they have not presented symptoms so far.

“We are sure that this virus will leave home soon,” Gutiérrez added on his Instagram account, in which he published a photo of the president that, he said, “has dawned better.”

Lopez Obrador He is immunized with the AstraZeneca laboratory vaccine and received a booster on December 7.

This is the second time that the president has been infected with coronavirus so far in the pandemic. The first time he contracted the disease was on January 24 of last year and at that time he was isolated for several days and was replaced by the then Secretary of the Interior (interior), Olga Sánchez Cordero.

Mexico, of 126 million inhabitants, has registered an increase in coronavirus infections in recent days, with a record number of more than 30,000 positive cases last Saturday.

The country registers 4.1 million confirmed cases and 300,412 deaths as of Monday.

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