WorldA member of the Sinaloa cartel sentenced to 188...

A member of the Sinaloa cartel sentenced to 188 months in prison in the US


A member of the Sinaloa Mexican Cartel was convicted by a court of U.S to 188 months in jail (over 15 years) for overseeing the smuggling of large quantities of cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin from Mexico onto US soil, the Justice Department reported on Tuesday.

Drug trafficker Roberto Gallegos-Lechuga, 39, was sentenced Monday in federal court for the Southern District of California after being extradited from Mexico to the United States in March 2020 and pleading guilty to having conspired to carry out money laundering. of money internationally.

According to court documents, Gallegos-Lechuga coordinated drug trafficking through the southern California border ports of entry and supervised the couriers charged with smuggling hundreds of thousands of dollars obtained from the US drug trafficking business. to Mexico.

The attorney general of the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice, Kenneth Polite, stressed in the note that his country will prosecute “with the full weight of the law” those who introduce drugs into the United States and finance these activities with money laundering. .

“I want to thank the Government of Mexico for the extradition of Gallegos-Lechuga to the US Through this type of collaboration we will continue to dismantle the dangerous drug cartels,” he said.

The Justice Department indicated that seven other defendants have pleaded guilty in this same case and have already been sentenced. They are joined by eight other people who have reached plea agreements with the US and have been convicted in related cases.




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