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Argentina: 8-year-old boy disappears and they suspect his Russian father with psychiatric problems


In Argentina, Neuquén police are investigating the disappearance of Erik Zaitsev Rusakov, an 8-year-old boy who was allegedly kidnapped by his Russian father who was previously detained. In addition, Adrián Zaitsev, 48, suffers from psychiatric problems: he claims to be Jesus Christ.

The little boy disappeared on Monday afternoon and at dawn on Tuesday the relatives reported the incident to the Police after their searches around the house were unsuccessful, according to the Clarín.

At police station No. 10 in the town of Añelo, the father of the minor was identified as the main suspect, with whom he was not close, but who appeared last weekend with the interest of having contact with him. The family did not allow it.

Adrián Zaitsev, who also has Uruguayan nationality, was imprisoned in Bolivia until a few months ago for family violence. He tried to escape from Palmasola jail on two occasions, in one of them the prison staff found him hiding in a water tank where he repeated that he was Jesus Christ and that he had already been crucified.

“An envoy of God is believed, we are making arrangements for him to be transferred to a psychiatric hospital”, stated on that occasion the governor of Palmasola, Luis Fernando Céspedes, according to Infobae.

It is presumed that the father kidnapped the child escaping on a horse because a villager in the area reported the disappearance of his animal. Likewise, the image of the suspect as well as the victim has already been disseminated so that the neighbors give an alert if they see them, said the city’s security director, Claudio Vinet.

According to the TN portal, the minor was seen for the last time with a person, both on horseback, crossing the Neuquén river in the direction of Rincón de los Sauces.

“What interests us greatly is to find them both, more with these high temperatures “Vinet told reporters.




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