WorldBolivia registers another record of 14,160 daily cases of...

Bolivia registers another record of 14,160 daily cases of coronavirus


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Bolivia reported this Thursday 14,160 new cases of the COVID-19 with which he scores a new record of daily infections, in addition to 46 deaths, while the country is going through a persistent fourth wave.

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With the records of this day, the country exceeds the maximum number of infections that was reached the day before when 14,063 cases were reported.

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The region that accumulated the most cases was Santa Cruz, the worst hit by the pandemic, with 4,137, although other departments such as Cochabamba and La Paz maintain an unprecedented level with 2,407 and 2,129 infections, respectively.

While Tarija reached 1,879, Chuquisaca 1,565, Oruro 1,105, Potosí 637, Beni 267 and Pando 34.

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Since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, the country has accumulated 20,149 deaths and 725,459 confirmed cases of the disease, while 130,463 are those that remain active.

In the fourth wave that began at the end of October, it reached a fatality rate of 0.6%, according to the report from the Ministry of Health.

This Thursday the provision of the Ministry of Education was also known so that the school year begins in February with virtual classes in the cities.

Educational activities in the field will be subject to evaluations of the state of the pandemic to determine if the blended or face-to-face modalities are applied.

The vaccination process that began a year ago has achieved that more than 10.9 million vaccines are applied between first, second and third doses, as well as single immunizations to those over 5 years of age that make up a vaccinable population of 10.2 million.

The detail indicates that 5,362,817 are first doses and 3,892,438 correspond to the second, while 717,714 are booster immunizations and 992,805 belong to single component vaccines.

Of this amount, 614,671 first doses and 376,359 of the second were applied to adolescents between 12 and 17 years old, while 406,509 and 84,762 are first and second components, respectively, which were used in children aged 5 to 11 years.

The infections began to increase in the last weeks of last year, before which the Executive declared a health emergency and recently the presence of the omicron variant in Bolivia was confirmed.

The country established since January 1 the requirement of the vaccination card for various procedures and entry into public and private spaces; However, this provision was postponed until the 26th of this month to avoid crowds at the immunization points.

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