WorldMassive blackouts in Argentina and the heat wave looms...

Massive blackouts in Argentina and the heat wave looms at 42 degrees


Buenos Aires it is reaching the hottest temperatures in decades. The heat wave it has come hand in hand with massive blackouts. This Friday thousands of users suffered power outages in the capital of Argentina and its surroundings, in what is expected to be the hottest day in decades. This happens three days after a major blackout left 700,000 users in the dark and without air conditioning.

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Those affected were more than 10,000 users in neighborhoods of the capital and nearby municipalities where the concessionaires Edenor and Edesur operate, the National Electricity Regulatory Entity (ENRE) reported on its website. But the media reported tens of thousands injured. The companies have not yet reported the technical causes of the failure.

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In the social networks, citizens of different neighborhoods complained early in the day for not having power in a day when the thermometer is expected to climb to 42 degrees Celsius, marking a record in 64 years.

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On Tuesday, when a consumption record of 27,234 megawatts (MW) was recorded, a power outage affected more than 700,000 users. Edenor reported that the blackout was due to a high voltage line going out of service due to a fire that occurred in a house in a municipality on the outskirts of Buenos Aires that ended up generating problems in “generating machines” of a power plant. As the hours passed, the service was restored in some areas.

The ENRE has asked the company for more information in this regard as it is not satisfied with its explanation.

That day the Argentine capital registered 41.1 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature since 1957, when the thermometer reached 43.3 degrees.

Power outages are recurrent in Argentina when electricity consumption skyrockets due to high temperatures. The concessionaires are questioned for not making the necessary investments, but the companies allege that the failure to update rates due to a government decision in an inflationary context prevents them from investing what is necessary to guarantee an adequate supply.

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