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The coronavirus shoots up in Latin America, with more than 300,000 cases daily

The Latin American and Caribbean region registered more than 300,000 daily cases of covid-19 between January 7 and 13, a record since the start of the pandemic two years ago, according to an AFP balance based on official figures.

In this wave, Argentina accumulates almost half of the new cases. This Friday it added 139,853 infections and 96 deaths.

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With 45 million inhabitants, Argentina accumulates 6,932,972 cases and 117,901 deaths from covid-19.

In America Latina, the average number of new infections was 304,000 diaries this week, which doubles the record reached in the previous wave, of 155,000 cases per day between May 28 and June 3, 2021. The increase was 126% over the previous seven days.

deaths from covid-19 they are also on the rise in the region, although at a much lower rate than infections.

Between January 7 and 13, an average of 621 deaths were reported diaries, which represents an increase of 44% compared to the previous week. The record for deaths in the region occurred in the week of April 6 to 12, 2021, with 5,548 deaths diaries.

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