WorldBrazil registers 112,286 cases of coronavirus in one day...

Brazil registers 112,286 cases of coronavirus in one day and the total is heading towards 23 million


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Brazil reported 112,286 positives this Friday, bringing the number of infected in the country to 22,927,203 confirmed cases, a figure that may be higher due to the difficulties experienced by health services in carrying out tests, the Government reported.


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The positives of the South American giant have skyrocketed in recent weeks in a new wave of infections, marked by the presence of the omicron, the new one variant of the virus that multiplies at lightning speed throughout the country.

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In the last week, those infected went from 34,788, on Monday, to more than 112,000 cases this Friday, an increase of 222% in just five days and a figure that, when compared to the positives reported on January 1 (3,986), has increased. multiplied 28 times in two weeks (an increase of 2,717%).

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The same does not happen with the number of deaths, which has not accelerated in the same way as infections, although it has risen 110% from Monday to Friday -going from 110 to 251 deaths- and 412%, from on January 1 when the country reported 49 deaths.

To date, Brazil accumulates 620,796 fatalities from the virus.

The figures, however, are still not entirely reliable since the 27 states of the country continue to update data that was dammed after the damage suffered by the registry system after a cyber attack just over a month ago.

To this is added, the inability to register infections at present, due to the indiscriminate increase in infections, as there are cases such as that of Rio de Janeiro, where the personnel of the public health service “cannot cope” during working hours. to enter the data, which accumulates day after day.

The skyrocketing of cases has filled the health centers of the public and private systems in the country, which cannot quickly confirm whether the infections are due to the virus or the influenza that has also wreaked havoc these days in Brazil.

Hospitals and health centers are overflowing and lines that extend for several blocks are the common denominator throughout the entire country.

The trend indicates that infections will increase but fatalities will not multiply at the same rate, something attributed to the effects of vaccination, which in the country already covers more than 68% of its 213 million inhabitants with the full cycle and which from today it began to immunize minors between 5 and 11 years old.

Brazil is one of the countries hardest hit by the pandemic and currently ranks as the second nation with the highest number of deaths from the virus, after the United States, and the third in number of infections, behind the North American country and India.

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