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Mauricio Leal’s brother is arrested for the death of the famous Colombian stylist and his mother


Around 8:30 p.m. this Friday, the Technical Investigation Corps (CTI) of the Attorney General’s Office of Colombia launched an operation for the capture, in the north of Bogotá, of Jhoiner Leal, within the investigation for the crime of his brother, the celebrity stylist Mauricio Leal, and his mother, Marleny Hernández Tabares.

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El Tiempo first established that a judge of guarantees endorsed the arrest and search warrant after the Prosecutor’s Office showed him evidence described as convincing that also implicates the hairdresser, that in the certificate and in papers he appears as Yhoiner Leal.

This is the moment of the capture of Jhonier Leal. (Photo: Prosecutor’s Office).

The detainee will be brought before a guarantee control judge where he will be charged with the crimes of homicide aggravated by kinship, by state of helplessness and cruelty, concealment, alteration or destruction of material evidence.

The investigators found several inconsistencies in the testimony that Jhoiner gave, in which he claimed that he had found the two bodies on the morning of November 22, 2021, in the luxurious house at kilometer 6, via La Calera.

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According to high-ranking sources of the accusing entity, “through various investigative activities, of the collection of evidentiary material elements and physical evidence, close to the investigation, it was established that Yhoiner Rodolfo Leal Hernández, son and brother of the victims, could be responsible for the death of the stylist and his mother.

Simultaneously and as a product of the articulated work developed between the Delegate for Citizen Security and the Delegate for Criminal Finance, a Prosecutor of the Specialized Directorate for Extinction of Domain Rights, imposed exceptional precautionary measures of embargo, sequestration and suspension of the dispositive power over two real estate, two automobiles, a motorcycle and also affected two companies and two business establishments with a measure of taking possession, assets and businesses. Regarding one of the companies, the existence of an account with assets greater than $1,600,000,000 stands out.

This is the Ronda 87 building in Cabrera, where an apartment appears in the name of the murdered stylist.  (Photo: private file).

This is the Ronda 87 building in Cabrera, where an apartment appears in the name of the murdered stylist. (Photo: private file).

Doubts about Jhoiner

In an exclusive interview with El TiempoLeal’s brother said that Mauricio’s last words were in a message in which he asked him to upload some cookies. The next day, he said, he went to work at the hairdresser and when he did not get a response neither Mauricio nor Marleny, returned to the house and found them dead.

But forensic and testimonial evidence in the hands of the Prosecutor indicates that Mauricio and Marleny had at least 30 hours dead when inspected.

In this regard, on January 6, in response to the official letter from the prosecutor in the case, Legal Medicine indicated that, “taking into account the date and time of the start of the inspection of the corpse, and the date and time of documentation of the phenomena bodies in the necropsy of Mauricio Leal Hernández and Marleny Hernández, it is established that the post-mortem interval once the average of the two cases has been made is approximately 30 hours.”

Jhoiner Leal, Mauricio Leal's older brother, had become a victim in the process.  (Photo: Investigative Unit).

Jhoiner Leal, Mauricio Leal’s older brother, had become a victim in the process. (Photo: Investigative Unit).

No alibi?

According to security cameras and testimonies collected by the Prosecutor’s Office, Jhoiner he was the only one in the house La Calera on November 21 and 22, when the double crime occurred.

It was also found that Mauricio Leal’s cell phone was used by a third person to send messages that sought to prevent someone from reaching the house.

The researchers were also struck by another of EL TIEMPO’s revelations: that Jhoiner Leal started walking so fast his brother’s estate.

In addition to while Mauricio’s accounting and business were positive, Jhoiner’s company was in crisis and in liquidation.

What’s next?

TIME established that Loyal Jhoiner he is being taken before a judge of guarantees to request the legalization of his capture and the measure of securing him in a prison center.

And it is not ruled out that other arrests related to the double crime will be registered, which shocked the national show business.

At the same time, the Prosecutor’s Office began the process of extinguishing ownership of the assets of Mauricio Leal, including two properties and two companies.


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