WorldSweden: Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson tests positive for coronavirus

Sweden: Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson tests positive for coronavirus


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The Prime Minister of Sweden Magdalena Andersson has tested positive for coronavirus COVID-19his office said Friday. The head of government had participated days ago in a parliamentary debate with other party leaders, and at least two others have tested positive since then.

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His office told the Swedish news agency TT that Andersson he complies with “the current recommendations and will carry out his work from home.” His health condition is good, the office said.

Following Wednesday’s debate in the 349-seat Riksdagen, leaders Annie Loof of the Center Party and Per Bolund of the small Green Party also tested positive. Bolund coughed when speaking to the press after the session.

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Bolund tweeted Thursday that he had tested positive in a rapid test and was immediately self-isolating as recommended by the Swedish Public Health Agency.

Other leaders who participated in the debate tested negative, the SVT radio station said.

Andersson, former Minister of Finance, is the first woman to occupy the head of government in Sweden, a position she assumed in November. He is a leader of the Social Democratic Party, the largest in the country.


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