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Myanmar Military Junta Adds Five More Corruption Charges Against Suu Kyi


The military junta Myanmar accused the deposed leader of five new charges of corruption Aung San Suu Kyi, who has already been sentenced to six years in prison and is facing other legal proceedings since the February coup.

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On this occasion, the military accused the Nobel Peace Prize winner, together with the ousted president Win Myint, for renting a helicopter, sources close to the case informed Efe.

The charges were presented on Friday afternoon during another trial where other alleged corruption crimes committed by “the lady” are analyzed, as the Burmese people affectionately know the 76-year-old leader.

In December, the military-controlled official newspaper The Global New Light of Myanmar accused the two of flouting financial regulations and causing economic loss to the state by renting and buying helicopters.

The politician, who has been detained since the first hours of the military takeover and is serving a sentence in an unknown place, is also accused of violating the Official Secrets Law, punished with a maximum of 14 years in prison.

The coup d’état plunged Myanmar into a deep political, social and economic crisis, and opened a spiral of violence with new civilian militias that have exacerbated the guerrilla war that the country has been experiencing for decades.

The Army justifies the coup by an alleged massive fraud during the general elections of November 2020, whose result has been annulled and in which Suu Kyi’s party swept, as it did in 2015, with the endorsement of international observers.

At least 1,469 people have died as a result of the brutal repression carried out by police and soldiers since the coup, who have shot to kill peaceful demonstrators, according to the daily reports of the Association for the Assistance of Political Prisoners, which also puts more than 11,550 opponents arrested, including Suu Kyi.



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