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Mexico: They get the signatures for the referendum on the continuity of AMLO in power

The National Electoral Institute (INE) of Mexico He said this Tuesday that the necessary signatures were achieved to carry out a controversial consultation on the permanence of Andrés Manuel López Obrador in the presidency of the country.

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“We are pleased to report that the goal of 3% of the nominal list of voters has been achieved, the goal is 2 million 758,000 registrations,” the INE reported on Twitter.

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By law, for the electoral body to carry out this exercise, the signature of 3% of the electoral register is required, that is, some 2.7 million votes.

López Obrador, who assumed power in December 2018, promotes the referendum so that the citizens decide whether or not to conclude his term until 2024, which would take place on April 10.

Although the president assures that it is a democratic exercise, his detractors accuse that it is a political act with a view to strengthening his position in the middle of the government, in addition to a waste of resources.

The realization of the consultation has also confronted the INE with the government of López Obrador.

Both the Supreme Court of Justice of the country and the electoral court ordered the institute to carry out the consultation after it decided to postpone the process arguing lack of resources.

The INE alleges that strong budget cuts for 2022 decided by the presidency and the Legislature -which dominates López Obrador’s party- have left it without sufficient resources to carry out this process.

Since he was mayor of Mexico City (2000-2006), the leftist leader has promised to submit his mandate to popular opinion through consultations.

As mayor, he conducted a telephone survey halfway through his government about his permanence in office.

Already as president-elect, he decided to suspend the millionaire project of a new airport for Mexico City after a consultation harshly criticized by opponents due to numerous registered irregularities.

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