The US asks its diplomats and citizens to leave Ukraine: Strategy or imminent war?


Before a war, the countries involved usually withdraw their diplomatic personnel and ask their citizens to leave the nation with which there is a dispute. And the first thing is precisely what the government of U.S for your workers in Kiev.

But before explaining the strategy, it is worth briefly reviewing what happens between Russia Y Ukraine, and the role of U.S in the conflict.

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The situation in Ukraine has been worsening due to various Ukrainian, Russian and American actions”.

This is how he frames analyst and professor at UCLA Octavio Fisher.

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First of all, Ukraine was very challenging against a giant neighbor without taking into account that at least 40% of Ukrainians are culturally sympathetic to Russia.”.

It is there that the Russian government takes advantage of the West’s weakness and distance to try to have more influence over them and prevent Western forces from being installed on its borders.”.

The situation is further complicated by the fact that at least 60% of Ukrainians want to become culturally and militarily “Westernised”, that is, join the OTAN.

It is in this logic that it appears EE.UU., country that has tobe consistent with what it has promised, with NATO, with the defense of Europe”, so you have to promote that inclusion.

Russia, in response, put its cards on the table a month and a half ago, when the presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden met electronically.

Fisherman comments: “It is very difficult for the US not to do something that will lead to a more serious conflict, because it cannot back down and let Russia get away with it.”.

After authorizing the Baltic countries send support to Ukraine, send them weapons and threaten Russia with serious consequences if it invades the country, The United States has decided to withdraw non-diplomatic personnel from its embassies.

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the drums sound

The US Department of State ordered non-essential workers and family members of diplomats to leave its embassy in Kiev and the country.

Australia and the United Kingdom have made a similar decision, although the European Union has asked to desist anddo not dramatize”.

In the case of the US, it is the response to “the threat of an invasion by Russia, which has been amassing troops on the border between the two former Soviet republics for weeks”.

The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken (on the right), and the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Dmytro Kuleba, during the meeting they held in Kiev on Thursday 19 to discuss the tense situation in Eastern Europe. (FOREIGN MINISTRY PRESS SERVICE H/)

The Biden administration It has also asked its citizens to consider leaving the country because perhaps later they will not be in a position to “assist them in the event of an attack”.

The Country writes:

Ministry sources quoted by The Wall Street Journal fear that this announcement will send a “dangerous message” to Moscow that the United States already takes the war for granted.”.

Regarding the strategy, Pescador believes that making this decision “does not necessarily mean that there will be conflict”.

It is a unilateral decision of the United States that is not shared by the majority of the European Union”.

This week, France and Germany are going to have talks with Russia, and there we will learn more about the future of this tension.”.

So is it a hit?

The withdrawal of diplomats or their expulsion has become more frequent in relations between United States and Russia.

In April of last year, for example, and in response to the sanctions of the Biden government “for cyberattacks and interference in elections”, Russia expelled 10 US diplomats.

What’s more, “recommended” that the US ambassador to Russia travel to Washington order their affairs, which, according to El País, “means a covert expulsion”.

And, of course, it should be remembered that, since the beginning of the month, Russia began the “slow evacuation of its embassy in Kiev”.

The Confidential reminds:

On January 5, 18 people, mostly the children and wives of Russian diplomats, left on buses for Moscow, according to a senior Ukrainian security official. […] And some 30 more followed the same fate in the following days, from Kiev and a consulate in Lviv, in western Ukraine.”.

Diplomats from two other Russian consulates have been told to prepare to leave Ukraine, according to the security official, who spoke to the New York Times on condition of anonymity.”.

Playing clueless?

The point is that that move, as well as the US move, can be read as much as “preparing for a coming conflict” The “a simple diversionary maneuver”.

The political analyst Hernan Molina considers that the move by the United States and the United Kingdom responds to intelligence information.

Even the British not only speak of an imminent incursion by Russia but of their intention to change President Volodymyr Zelensky for one like Viktor Yanukovych, who was pro-Russian.”.

This decision responds to certain estimates or evidence they have, and perhaps not to repeat what happened in Afghanistan”.

Molina remembers that when the government fell Afghan, the lives of Americans and Afghans who worked for the allied forces were put at risk, left to the “outdoor”.

On the contrary, the decision of the Biden administration is a way of accepting the high probability of war.

And don’t forget that the Russians were the first to evacuate their embassy staff from Kiev. It seems that they did it more as a strategy, to say that they were not playing”.

The United States responds in the same way, accepting the imminence of conflict.

Now, when or how it will start, nobody knows.

“It can be with a fight between the soldiers on the border line, with a bullet, tanks that come in and set up a disarmament and leave, or a regional or total occupation of the country.”.

Everything is possible”.

The Peruvian representation

According to the Peruvian Foreign Ministry, there is currently no embassy in Ukraine but an honorary consulate, a figure external to the ministry in which a resident citizen is in charge of some ad honorem consular functions.

Currently, according to the official website of the consulate, Igor Balenko is the representative. He answers to the Peruvian embassy in Poland, the official representative of the nation in that region of the world.

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