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The “QAnon Shaman” who participated in the riots on Capitol Hill resents Donald Trump


Jake Angeli, January 6, 2021, during the invasion of the Capitol, Washington. – Saul LOEB / AFP

Jake Angeli, one of the pro-Trump supporters who participated in the invasion of Capitol Hill on January 6, is currently in jail. Albert Watkins, his lawyer, recently gave news to the American site The Daily Beats. The man known by the nickname “QAnon Shaman” was noticed during the riots in Washington (United States) thanks to his impressive costume. He had burst into the chamber of the Senate dressed in animal skin and wearing buffalo horns.

He would have lost ten kilos

The 30-year-old American was arrested on January 9. He has since been charged with disturbing public order, obstruction and improper conduct in an official building. According to Albert Watkins, Jake Angeli has lost ten pounds since his arrest on January 9. He allegedly refused the meals offered to him in prison because of his shamanic beliefs. A judge ultimately decided that exclusively organic food would be provided to him.

But during his fast, the man who is also called Jacob Chansley would have thought a lot according to his lawyer. The follower of far-right conspiracy theories would have thus “integrated the fact that the former president does not really like him”. The rioter presented as the “self-proclaimed leader” of QAnon by the prosecution would not have digested Donald Trump’s refusal to pardon him before his departure from the White House. He would have expressed his regrets to his lawyer and would even be ready to testify against the former head of state during his impeachment trial.

Still a Trump follower

Jacob Chansley would have realized that the American billionaire would have used him for his “propaganda”. The 30-year-old would also have admitted to having slipped a note with threatening words in the office of the former vice-president Mike Pence during the events of the Capitol. However, the man has not yet “rejected his past opinions altogether” and would “always reserve a place in his heart” for Donald Trump. Albert Watkins assures that his client has “started a job” and that he “understood that he must do what is right for his country”.



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