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You are tired of teleworking and you prefer the office? tell us


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Welcome to the office, it’s been a while. – PHILIPPE DESMAZES / AFP

  • The executive gave firm instructions to companies on teleworking.
  • One third of employees who can work from home do not.
  • But some are exhausted from constantly working at home.

There is looseness in the air and the government does not like it. The use of telework “has gradually eroded since the end of November”, underlined the Minister of Labor Elisabeth Borne at the beginning of February. Indeed, according to the executive, more than a third of workers who can easily telework actually work exclusively in person. “Teleworking wherever possible becomes imperative” repeated Jean Castex during his press conference on Thursday.

Yes, but here it is, teleworking is not suitable for everyone, especially those who live in a studio and who can quickly find themselves cut off from the world. These employees in a situation of “isolation” are authorized to return to work face-to-face one day a week, “but this must remain a valve in case of necessity”, agreed Elisabeth Borne.

You have been in total or almost total telecommuting since the first or second confinement, and you can no longer: your opinion matters to us.

When did you get bored of teleworking? Do you find that coming to the office once a week is sufficient? Do you feel better since you no longer work from home every day? Have you had any comments from colleagues who remain teleworking? Would you be ready to switch back to 100% telecommuting if your hand was forced?

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