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No confidence vote: “LR deputies never sold”, tackle from Marleks to Bardella.

The answer in a few characters is insightful. On Friday, three days before the debate on a vote of no confidence in the government in the National Assembly, against the background of the condemned pension reform, the leader of the deputies of the Republic of Lithuania, Olivier Marlet, sent the President of the National Association back to the ropes. .

While Jordan Bardella, on the set of the program “Touche pas à mon poste”, called on the deputies of the Republic of Lithuania to come to an agreement “in the event of the dissolution of the National Assembly”, the deputy of Héré-Loire responded to him on Twitter: “Republican deputies were never sold yesterday, neither today nor tomorrow. »

“In the event of the dissolution of the National Assembly, the National Assembly will not nominate candidates in the constituencies where the deputies of the Republic of Lithuania will vote, we reprimand the government,” Jordan Bardella promised in a message posted on Twitter, summarizing the video sequence of his visit to Cyril Hanuna.

“Le Pen will vote hand in hand with the far left revolutionaries”

He also called on “all opposition movements” to “put the interests of the French (…) above the interests of political parties”. “I know there are a lot of those on the right among the Republicans who are hesitating today,” the RN MP said at C8, brushing aside accusations by observers accusing him of “vote buying.” ” I speak let’s stop fanaticism “, he defended.

From the side of LR, after the address of the executive branch to 49.3 on Thursday, Olivier Marlet constantly repeats that his party, which has about sixty deputies, “will not submit a vote of no confidence” and “will not cooperate with anyone.”

While the opposition is calling on members of the National Assembly to overthrow the government, two proposals were made on Friday and will be put to a vote by parliamentarians on Monday. If among the elected LR “three, four, five” want to vote for him, “it is their responsibility,” Olivier Marlet added. “On Monday, Marine Le Pen will vote hand in hand with the ultra-left revolutionaries,” he tweeted this Saturday morningabout the upcoming vote.

Source: Le Parisien

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