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Kevin Sneader, terminated as director of McKinsey

Sneader's dismissal would have to do with his management...

The agrarian organizations will take the tractors to the street “as soon as the pandemic allows it”

The representative organizations of the agricultural sector of Andalusia...

22 multinationals barely paid 313 million in Companies despite earning more than 23,500 million

The effective rate paid by large companies for this tax rises to 17%, according to the Tax Agency Worldwide The...

Arcelor entrusts Sarralle with a 755 million euro steel company in the US that will produce steel for the automotive industry

The plant in Alabama is part of a large industrial project in which the Gipuzkoan company combines high productivity,...

Starbucks coffee, package pickup and investments of 400,000 euros in chargers: this is how gas stations adapt to the green revolution

The medium and long-term future of service stations seems increasingly remote from fossil fuels, but in the short term...

Only four Ibex companies have the 40% of female directors recommended by the CNMV for 2022

They are REE, Caixabank, IAG and Santander. Among the 127 listed companies that the report analyzes, another 10 in...

The Supreme Court confirms that Jaime Botín could not export the Picasso that has cost him a conviction for smuggling

The financier is sentenced to three years in prison and a fine of 91.7 million euros for the crime...

The Mutua Madrileña Foundation grants one million euros to 36 projects and social organizations

As every year, the Foundation launched its Annual Call for Grants for Social Action Projects, which is now in...


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