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Beyond Bitcoin: The other cryptocurrency that conquers the Peruvian market

Lima, February 16, 2022Updated on 02/16/2022 03:28 pm

The interest in cryptocurrencies continues to grow, and although Bitcoin is currently the one that dominates the market, there are other cryptocurrencies that also attract attention.

For example, Ether It is positioned as the second cryptocurrency with the most transactions carried out in Peru, according to data from the platform and according to Carlos Bernos, country manager of the company in the country.

Only during 2021, Ether achieved more than US$ 12 million traded, representing almost 17% of total transactions in Peru and reaching a growth of 628% versus 2020.

This is the biggest growth the cryptocurrency has had since Buddha listed it in his portfolio in 2017. Ether has managed to exceed US$ 15 million traded at a historical level.

“In addition to Bitcoin, which currently dominates the cryptocurrency market, Ether is another great option for those who are interested in acquiring altcoins; that is, other cryptocurrencies that are not bitcoin”Bernos pointed out.

“This growth responds to the solidity of its fundamentals and its trajectory. Furthermore, the adoption of Ether it could be even higher in the future, as the true potential of Ethereum will be seen once its transition from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake is complete, which should be achieved in 2023″he added.

Source: Elcomercio

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